A New Breed Of "Survivor"

We're all pleased CBS's Survivor show is a big hit. You know how it works: People are stranded on a desert island, eat an occasional rat to survive, then vote each week to kick one person off the island until the last one standing gets a million dollars.

But here's how to make a good idea better: Instead of people we never heard of, wouldn't it be more fun to watch people we know fight it out?

For example: move that New York Senate race to a desert isle and let Hillary and Rick go one on one on the beach.

Even more delicious..how about Hillary and Bill?

Or Rosie O'Donnell and "Moses" (Charlton Heston)..water pistols at 10 paces.

Bush and Gore..probably too boring. But it would be fun to know if they'd eat a rat.

Pat Buchanan wouldn't work. No matter who you paired him with he'd just wall off his part of the island and refuse to trade with anyone.

But how 'bout baseball loudmouth John Rocker on an island with Little Elian's Miami relatives..with a drop-in visit from Kato Kaelin..a sort of 15 Minutes of Fame edition.

We could also have a special edition for newsies.

What if the young turks from Sixty Minutes II were stranded
on an island with the old gang from 60 Minutes? I have no idea who'd win that one.

But I'll bet you one thing: 60 Minutes inventor Don Hewitt would wind up with the money.