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A Movie Web Site ...Making Waves

Chances are you've read the book and seen the movie previews for The Perfect Storm. Just about every movie being released these days has a Web site to promote it. The one created for this movie (sound) is something special….bringing to life the events surrounding the terrible storm in late October of '91 in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Among the videos on the Web site is a fourteen minute documentary…

"When people hear "The Perfect Storm" I think that they originally thought how can anyone say that? It created such havoc."
The documentary was created by the team that built the multi-faceted Web site, headed by Don Buckley. …

"There is a wealth of weather and science in this movie. There is the story and very colorful history of Gloucester, America's first fishing seaport. On top of that you've got a movie based on an immensely popular book which features the most challenging special effects that Industrial Light and Magic has ever had to contend with. So by its definition, this movie required that we explore all of those avenues."
The Web site succeeds like few others created for movies. You'll find a link to it from our home on the Web at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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