A Holiday Ode To The Face

Weekly commentary by CBS Evening News chief Washington correspondent and Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer.

You've been watching TV
and looking at me
and you may see that something's not right.

I'm puffed up like a toad
who's been down a hard road.
You're thinking, maybe I got in a fight.

Is it a plug of tobacco
or a face-lift gone wacko
that gives me this Joker's leer?

Are the holiday rounds
just adding on pounds?
"Mr. Christmas Fat Face" … that's me, this year.

Well, thank you for asking.
It won't be long lasting.
Dental work's made me balloon.

But Drs. Cohen and Miller
who combined on this thriller
say the swelling goes down real soon.

[In fact, you should have seen me yesterday!]

Thanks for watching Face The Nation this year, and (round or skinny) I hope the holidays give you a big happy face!