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A Guide to Marketing Your Company on Facebook

If you are under the impression that only teenagers and Farmville players use Facebook, then you're missing out on the single most influential destination on the Internet today. Companies as diverse as Microsoft and Volvo recognize the value of connecting with customers at the world's biggest social media site. If you've held off getting your company in the game because you weren't sure where to start, I've got a simple solution for you.

The Facebook Marketing Guide is a brief, 25-page PDF written by MakeUseOf's Angela Alcorn which you can download for free.

After reading the entire book (it took me about an hour), I felt prepared to launch my company's presence on Facebook. It is chock full of practical, tactical advice on how to promote your business on Facebook, without any needless details.

Here are four things you might be wondering about getting started with Facebook, answered courtesy of the guide:

Should you set up a Facebook profile for your company? No, profiles are for individuals only, and Facebook could delete your account if you do.

Should you set up a group or a page? It depends -- each has its advantages. Pages give you stats and analytics about your followers, for example, while Groups make it easy to send event invites to all of the group's members.

Should you post original content in Facebook? You can, but that "traps" you in that environment. Better: Post original content on your Web site and then link to it within Facebook.

How often should you post? Less frequently than you might expect. If you over-post, you risk losing your fans as they unlike you. Why? People don't like it if you overload their home feed.

For tons of more information, including step-by-step instructions on getting set up, be sure to get the guide. [via MakeUseOf]

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