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A Free, Easy Laptop Stand for Cheapskates

If your laptop doubles as your desktop (a very common scenario these days), do yourself a huge favor: Connect a full-size keyboard and mouse, then prop the laptop up for more comfortable eye-level viewing.

You may have to shell out a few bucks on the peripherals, but the stand you can make for free. Just head to Instructables and check out the DIY Cheapskate Laptop Stand.

As you can see in the accompanying image, the stand looks pretty sturdy, despite being made of cardboard (or perhaps because of it!). That's the only "part" you'll need for this project -- that and a good pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife.

To get started, just print the templates [PDF] on letter-size paper (making sure not to downscale the output at all), then find yourself some cardboard you can donate to the cause.

A little cutting, a little assembly, and presto! You've got yourself an ideal stand for your laptop. And when your boss sees it, he/she will undoubtedly admire your creative, money-saving mindset and give you a promotion. It could happen!

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