A Fast Way to Drag Files to the Desktop in Windows 7

I hate clutter, so I like to keep a clean desktop -- that's why I think Fences is perhaps the single best Windows utility ever. One reason I like a clutter-free desktop is so that I can se it as a temporary place to copy files. If it's clean and organized, it's easy for me to find these temporary files I a hurry.

There's only one problem: Often, my desktop is completely covered with program windows and folders, so there's no target to drop my files to. I can't believe it took me this long to discover this clever shortcut to copying files to the Windows 7 desktop even if you can't see any of it.

Just drag the file you want to copy to the lower right corner of the screen -- the Show Desktop button. Hold and wait a moment; everything on the desktop will minimize. Now drop the file anywhere you like on the desktop. Click the Show Desktop button, and all your windows will return to their previous position as if nothing ever happened. [via Lifehacker]