A Different View Of Lewinsky

In the week since the release of the videotape and transcripts, President Clinton's words to the grand jury have been carefully detailed and analyzed by both the media and the public. Monica Lewinsky's testimony was also released, revealing more about her state of mind as a White House intern. A commentary by CBS 'Face The Nation' Anchor Bob Schieffer.

Since we spent so much time last week going over the president's words to the grand jury, I decided to spend the weekend going through all the e-mail, letters and testimony that Monica Lewinsky gave to the jurors.

Her tarty public persona aside, what struck me is how she bared her soul to the grand jury, and just how young she was and for all her fast ways how vulnerable she seemd.

Her worries were the worries of her generation. She worried about her weight and about being taken seriously. She wrote to a friend about finding someone some day, who would just give her a hug.

Instead, she got tangled up with the president. She became a small part of his life. He became the center of hers. She let herself dream that they might have a future together, live for the minute or two when he might say something nice to her.

When he felt the need and summoned her, she always brought a little gift.

One time she even brought a gift for his dog. When he gave her little trinkets she was beside herself. All my life, she wrote, everyone said I'm a difficult person to shop for, yet you manage to choose perfect presents, gifts for my soul.

All that for a book of poems and some junk. That's how it is when your are star struck and hopelessly in love

I know that what she did was wrong, but I feel sorry for the kid.

Reported By Bob Schieffer