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A Cool Place to Workout When Summer Gets Hot

Rising temperatures may discourage some people from working out, but CBS fitness expert Minna Lessig has a suggestion on how to keep cool while staying in shape: Head to the pool.

Lessig says exercises done in the water can train muscles without the impact usually felt on land. Plus, she says a water workout burns twice as many calories as a workout on land does because of the resistance of the water.

"The water's a great joint-friendly way to get your cardiovascular training, and strength training workout in," says Lessig, who shared ideas on how to shape up, tone, and burn calories from Ocean Point Resort in Miami Beach.

As with any workout, a warm-up is necessary. Try walking in the pool while pumping your arms back and forth. Once you reach the edge of the pool, walk backwards, making sure to bend the knees and push from the front of the thigh to work the quadriceps.

Webbed gloves can help provide resistance, working out the chest and back as you do "slides" in the water.

Aqua jogger belts and water weights can also add resistance. "Take one weight and place it between the knees," says Lessig. "We're going to eliminate our legs being able to help now and really get into the upper body with some breast stroke. So try and do breast stroke keeping the weight between the knees."

Even people who can't swim can get a great workout from the pool. A buoyancy belt can help you stay afloat, so you can do leg work and abdominal crunches without having to worry about swimming.

To get the heart rate up, Lessig recommends doing jumping jacks in the water. She says jumping jacks also work out the inner and outer thighs. Another heart and leg workout involves keeping the legs straight (like cross-country skiers do) while walking through water.

As with any workout regimen, anyone who is starting to exercise after a long period of inactivity is urged to consult their doctor.
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