911 Call: "I Believe My Wife Just Drowned"

Lancaster County, Pa., July 22, 2008

Lancaster County, Pa., known for its Amish heritage and peaceful lifestyle, is home to the quiet town of Denver. But this small town was rocked when Michael Roseboro placed an emergency call to 911 after finding the body of his wife, Jan, at the bottom of their swimming pool. Less than an hour later, Jan Roseboro - a mother of four - was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Jan Roseboro's death is initially called an accident, but after an autopsy shows she was beaten and strangled, investigators begin to look more closely at her husband, Michael. They discover he's been carrying on an obsessive affair and his mistress is pregnant. After DNA evidence ties Michael to the crime, he is convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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