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9 Ways to Save on Spas, Gyms, Beauty and More

With Spa Week and National Wellness Week approaching, consumers will have hundreds of options to get massages, facials, haircuts, yoga lessons or seaweed wraps for a fraction of the price. But if you don't have time in September for an appointment, no worries. I have 9 more tips on how to score deals at your local gym, salon and spa all year round.

First, some details on these upcoming savings events.

Wellness Week runs September 20-26, trimming service prices by as much as 50% or offering flat-rate specials. Some highlights from that week include:

  • Bliss: Receive A full body massage for $82.50, half off the regular price.
  • Bar Method: Buy four 1 hour fitness classes for $48, also 50% off.
  • Clarins: Get a Signature Facial for $50, a savings of $25.
  • Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa: Renewal Facial for $50, a savings of $50.
Spa Week runs September 13-19 and again October 11-17: You can get spa treatments for a $50 flat rate at hundreds of spas around the country. Just visit the site, sign up for free and learn which spas nearest you are participating.

For all other times of the year, here are nine tried and true ways to score deals on all things gym, spa and wellness-related.

Gym Deals

  • Take a Test Run. You can usually try out a gym before committing. Most clubs offer prospective clients free day passes or even a week's worth of access to their facilities and classes.
  • Flash Your Student or Corporate ID. Many health clubs extends generous discounts to students, senior citizens, corporate employees or anyone who lives or works in the same building as the gym.
  • Train with a Friend. Personal trainers and private lessons for yoga or pilates are often discounted if you train with another person.
  • Find Free Classes. Some instructors who still need to get certified will host free yoga, pilates or workout sessions so they can accumulate the hours they need to earn their certification. And Lululemon hosts free yoga classes around the country. Call your local store and find out about classes.
Spas/Beauty Appointments
  • Bulk Book. You may get a discount if you buy a package of services or book several appointments at once. The strategy can work for facials, waxing, and other beauty services, as well as private training sessions.
  • Pay in Cash. At local hair and nail salons, offering to pay cash instead of using a credit card can sometimes earn you a 10% discount, since merchants have to pay an interchange or "swipe" fee to the credit card companies each time a customer pays with credit. Next time you use cash, ask for a discount since you're doing them a favor!
  • Go on "Off" Days. At my local nail salon, manicures and pedicures are half-off on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Ask the receptionist if there are certain deals on certain days of the week and plan accordingly.
  • Refer a Friend. When friends make appointments, have them mention you as a referral. Next time you stop in, see if you can broker a discount in return.
  • Sign Up at Discount Sites. Sites like, and announce healthy and beauty specials to members on a pretty regular basis. Signing up is free.
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