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9 Super Saving Websites You've Never Heard Of

In an online deals category dominated by Groupon, Woot and Gilt, we must not forget the little URLs who - despite getting less press - do an excellent job helping us save money each and every day.
Here's a round-up of some notable Web sites I've recently discovered. If there are others you'd like to nominate, please leave a comment below!

Launched in 2009 in Atlanta, the social-buying web site offers a daily deal for your city - much like Groupon, Living Social and others do. The biggest difference is that all of ScoutMob's deals are mobile-based, which means all the deals are accessed using your smartphone. You sign up to receive daily deal emails. If you like a deal you can "claim it" and have the actual coupon get sent to you via text or email. What else makes ScoutMob different? From the site's FAQ page: "We donʼt require you to give us your credit card information, any cash money, or your first-born child. Ever. All we need from you is a mobile phone number where we can send the deal ... See? Not so scary."
If you're a small business owner you may just fall in love with BizyDeal. Again, it's similar to Groupon, but caters to the small business owner who needs to save money on everything from credit card processing fees to company vans. The web site is only a month old but is founded by a team consisting of marketing pros and entrepreneurs with more than 50 years of experience.

Gluten Free Deals
From gluten-free pancake mix to cereal and meal packs, the social buying web site (one of several powered by Deal Co-op) caters to a fast-growing market of consumers with Celiac disease, which at last count was up to 3 million Americans, according to the FDA. There are also approximately 18 million people who are on a strict gluten-free diet due to allergies, symptoms or other conditions. Gluten Free Deals has national offers, as well as city-specific deals in Austin, Chicago and coming soon, New York City.
Roozt is a daily deal Web site that features apparel, health and beauty supplies, electronics and sporting goods, all while donating a percentage of sales to a different cause each day. This week Roozt offered 'Make Love Not Trash' bags and accessories for 50% off, with 10% of sales going toward American Red Cross Japan, to support the relief efforts following the recent earthquake and tsunami.
The acronym stands for Wines Till Sold Out and the Woot-like web site sells one wine at a time, with discounts of anywhere from 30% to 70% off retail prices. Shipping is free as long as you buy the minimum stated in the deal. This week there was a 2009 bottle of cabernet sauvignon from Napa Valley, originally $59, going for $21, a 60% discount. If you bought four, shipping was free. (Note: There are currently 15 states that WTSO cannot ship to. To see if your state is on the list, check the information on their Shipping page.)
It's like Gilt but for design mavens and the home decor-obsessed. The web site features exclusive deals from top designers and brands on all things homey - from furniture and candles to sheets, pajamas and art. New sales launch daily at 11 am Eastern/8am Pacific and discounts can run up to 70% off.
Register your credit card with the Web site and it will send you exclusive savings offers and offers targeted specifically at your spending habits. You'll also get access to rebates, discounts and reward points. Launched in beta in December 2009, TechCruch calls the Web site "the freak love child of Blippy, Groupon and Mint." It's definitely got promise; last month it received $4.5 million in seed funding from various investors.
This members-only Web site is much like Gilt, but exclusively for men and offering high-end "street" apparel and accessories. Think: skaters, surfers, DJs and other cool folks. The company was acquired last May by Web site Thrillist, the Daily Candy for dudes.

Wondering what to do with the extra large carton of ripe bananas you regrettably bought from Costco? Want to find a few extra people to earn a group discount for private Chinese lessons? SplitStuff allows users to connect with community members to split goods and services. This Web site actually came to my attention when one of my readers recommended it after reading my recent post, Frugal to a Fault: 6 Dumb Money "Saving" Mistakes. No dumb idea here: Thanks, @atcampbell!

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