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9 of 21 Slots on Glenn Beck Show Are Fox House Ads

Of 21 companies still advertising on Fox News Channel's Glenn Beck show, nine of them are owned by Fox or its corporate parent, News Corp. (NWS), according to Media Matters. Back in August, Fox insisted that the number of house ads -- promotions for brands owned by Fox or its sisters, for which the channel receives almost no revenue -- on Beck were minimal. The company even called BNET to demand a correction (which we were happy to make).

Four months later it's a very different picture. Eighty advertisers have dropped their ads from Beck's show. The boycott started after Beck said President Obama was a "racist" who has a "deep-seated hatred of white people."

Media Matters checked out the Dec. 23 show and found Beck's ad breaks littered with revenue-free ads for the Wall Street Journal (owned by News Corp.), American Idol (ditto) and News Corp itself. It was a similar picture the day before. The news dovetails with a September analysis that calculated Beck's revenue had dropped to below $1 million a week.

Here's the sponsor lineup:

News Corp. (The Wall Street Journal) Twin Draft Guard News Corp. (Fox News Channel) Chattem Inc. (Icy Hot) Superior Gold Group Lear Capital Dish Network Fox (American Idol) News Corp. (Glenn Beck) Tax Masters Knights of Columbus U.S. Chamber of Commerce Fox (24) News Corp. (Fox News Channel) Goldline International, Inc. News Corp. (Fox News Channel) Goldline International, Inc. Tempur-Pedic Management, Inc. News Corp. (Fox News Channel) Lee Daniels Entertainment (Precious) News Corp. (Fox News Channel)
Note also that Beck is a spokesman for Goldline, who may or may not be paid by the company.
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