8 Words: Cut Your Mission Statement to the Core

Can you write a mission statement in eight words? If you want money from the Mulago Foundation, you don't have a choice.

HBR.org editor Eric Hellweg blogs about the wisdom of the eight-word mission after listening to Mulago Executive Director Kevin Starr explain the concept during this week's PopTech conference.

Here is the format:

Verb, target, outcome.

Examples: "Save endangered species from extinction" and "Improve African children's health."

Even if you are not in the market for Mulago money, says Hellweg, this exercise can benefit almost any organization.

"It's a good exercise to consider running, if only to start real conversations at your company about what you're doing, to/for whom, and toward what outcome."

Get to work and then share your best eight-worder with us.

(Image by Flickr user TheArtGuy, CC 2.0)