8 Toughest Sales Pitches You'll Ever Face, and How to Resist Them

Last Updated Jun 6, 2011 8:25 AM EDT

There you are, relaxed and enjoying your lovely vacation paid for simply by agreeing to attend a harmless sales presentation for a time-share condo. The salesman starts off easy, extolling the beauty of the property and the financial benefits of owning a time-share, but soon he's grinding away, parrying your every objection and making you and your spouse feel like you're about to miss the deal of a lifetime. The next thing you know, you're actually considering buying a $30,000 time share -- which you really don't need and probably won't use enough to make it worth your while.

Smart salespeople know your weaknesses, whether it's guilt, vanity, fear, or plain old laziness. And they're prepared to prey on any and all of them in their efforts to "always be closing." Moreover, it's not just at the time-share presentation or the used-car lot where you'll encounter such hard sells. You'll face the same tactics from life insurance salesmen, undertakers, and at the gym. Here are 8 of the toughest pitches you'll ever face, and what you can say to defend yourself.

Photo: New Line Cinema
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