8 Spring-Cleaning Tips for Your PC

Okay, it's not quite spring yet (as evidenced by the relentless cold and snow up here in Michigan), but that hasn't stopped Web Worker Daily from compiling a list of 8 ways to give your laptop a spring cleaning.

My favorite tip? The first one on the list:

Remove any applications that are no longer required. As I play with a lot of software, I do have a tendency to install apps and never use them again. This is bad because they not only take up space, but some of them have components that launch automatically, using up valuable memory and increasing boot-up time.

Even if you have a brand-new computer, it's worth having a look to see what's installed on your machine, as quite often vendors will "helpfully" install a bunch of useless software on your machine when they load the OS (I'm looking at you, Dell).

And what's the best way to excise unwanted apps? Revo Uninstaller, of course. As for the rest of the spring-cleaning tips, they run the gamut from emptying the Trash to physically cleaning the screen and keyboard. Good ideas for any time of the year, not just spring.

What's your favorite way to keep your PC "clean"? Hit the Comments and share your suggestions. Me, I'm reaching for the bleach-wipes so I don't catch any nasty germs from the mouse or keyboard. Photo by brokenarts.