8 Questions to Ask Before Every Presentation

Good career advice need not be complicated and sometimes the best tips are the most straightforward. Keen to prove you're a master of the complexities of your industry or role, you may focus on the tricky parts of your job and forget the basics. Chris Brogan is having none of that when it comes to presentations.

Writing on the American Express OPEN Forum recently, the prolific public speaker recounts how many presenters forget the basics of preparation and planning. To tackle this epidemic of under-preparation, he has put together a simple list of eight questions every speaker should have answered before they step in front of a crowd.

  • My main goal of this presentation is for the audience to ______.
  • The top 3 things I need the audience to take away from this presentation are ____, ____, _____.
  • In the first few minutes (no more than 2), I will capture this audience by _____.
  • If my gear dies, the main 3 things I will tell them are ____, ____ , ____.
  • If they start looking bored or confused, I will shift gears by _______.
  • At the end of this presentation, I want people to ______.
  • When I'm done the presentation, I will _____ .
  • When following up with people after this presentation, I will offer them _____.
How many embarrassments (and hours of audience boredom) could have been averted by using this simple checklist? The questions are just part of a much longer post on the art of the presentation, so those looking for more insights on the topic should check it out in full.
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