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7 More Dumb Lies Reps Tell Managers

Last week I posted "Top 10 Dumb Lies Reps Tell Managers" and asked readers for more. Not surprisingly, you guys were able to come up with seven common "stretches of the truth" that weren't in the original list. Here they are:

  • LIE #11: "We lost that deal because we didn't have feature XYZ". Truth: I set the customer's expectations based on what we might be shipping in the next six months rather than what we've been shipping for the past six months. (Source: Dale Underwood)
  • LIE #12: I haven't called that customer, but I have it scheduled later today. Truth: I forgot until you reminded me. (Source: John Garrett)
  • LIE #13: We lost the deal because the price was too high. Truth: I don't know enough about my product/service or company to differentiate us from our competitors. (Source: rictownsend)
  • LIE #14: I'm dealing with the decision maker. Truth: I might be dealing with a decision maker but am not 100 percent sure because I haven't done my research. (Source: bryan_montpeti)
  • LIE #15: The sales cycle is at its end and should be closed by end of month. Truth: I'm not familiar enough with the prospect's purchasing process and don't know what additional steps are needed to close the sale. (Source: bryan_montpeti)
  • LIE #16: "I've been so busy, just can't tell you how swamped I've been!!! I don't have time to return all these calls! I'm so busy that I'm late on my sales reports and expense accounts, too. Truth: I'm just pretending to work here.
  • LIE #17: I have a good reason for bending the truth. Truth: I'm lazy, so I make up stories. (Source: e1wood)
READERS: Any more you'd like to add?