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7 Great Business Podcasts for Your Daily Commute

This is an update of a post we ran last summer.
If you've got time to kill while commuting to and from work, why not stock your phone or MP3 player with podcasts that can enrich your business brain? Here's a roundup of seven we lurve:
  1. Harvard Business IdeaCast [iTunes link] Ideas and commentaries from some of the top folks in business and management. Recent topics include Winning in a Turbulent Economy and Get More from IT -- for Less.
  2. Get-It-Done Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips to Work Less and Do More [iTunes link] Got six minutes? The self-proclaimed Get-It-Done Guy will show you how to deal with HR, set boundaries with your boss, beat procrastination, and more.
  3. Inspiring Words of Encouragement [iTunes link] Sales legend Zig Ziglar offers tips on staying motivated, improving your self image, overcoming objections, and more in this extensive podcast series.
  4. Manager Tools [iTunes link] What's the best way to give feedback to team members? How can you delegate and manage projects more effectively? Bottom linke: If you're a manager, you need this podcast.
  5. Marketplace [iTunes link] If there's a better business-news podcast, I haven't heard it. This public-radio staple covers everything from jobs to the stock market, with every other money matter in between.
  6. Planet Money [iTunes link] Though not particularly business-minded, this NPR favorite is a must-hear for anyone trying to get a grip on how money makes the world go 'round. It explains difficult concepts and situation (like the mortgage crisis) in plain English.
  7. The Public Speaker's Quick and Dirty Tips for Improving Your Communication Skills [iTunes link] In each 10-minute segment, host Lisa B. Marshall offers tips on effective public speaking and everyday communication. Sample topic: "How to Be Diplomatic."
If you're not an iTunes user, you can find almost all of these podcasts (and countless more) at Podcast Alley.

Okay, your turn: What podcasts do you listen to while shuttling to and from the office? List your favorites in the comments. Even if they're not all business-oriented, we're still interested.

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