6 Cars That Will Save GM: Cadillac CTS

Last Updated Nov 18, 2010 2:07 PM EST

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Cadillac CTS

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As GM’s market share slumped over the years, so did Cadillac’s image as a luxury brand vs. German and Japanese competitors. But Cadillac has come a long way from 1980s disasters such as the Cimarron. Leading the sleek new parade are the CTS sedan, wagon, and, for 2011, a coupe. Reviewers like the CTS combination of comfort and sporty performance. And, like a luxury car should, it has a high-performance version, the CTS-V. With a 6.2 liter, 556-horsepower V-8 — take that, Germans — the souped up CTS stands up well to European competitors in race track test drives. Whether the CTS suits your tastes or not, it’s dripping ’tude, something most GM offerings have lacked for decades.

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