5 Ways To Secretly Manipulate Your Boss

Last Updated Aug 25, 2011 9:31 PM EDT

Yesterday, I posted a gallery explaining how to manage your manager. It was full of good advice for people who to get ahead by playing fair and being helpful. However, there are many cases (like when your boss is a horse's rear end) that the system in that gallery doesn't work. That's the reason for this present post.

This post contains the top 5 ways that political players in the corporate world manipulate their bosses to make the "right" decisions -- meaning the decisions that the players want them to make. I fully realize that publishing these methods is a little like publishing the plans to an atomic bomb.

So if you're going to try these methods in your career, try to remember that 1) knowledge is power and 2) with great power comes great responsibility. Use these techniques sparingly, if at all.

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