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5 ways to get promoted before 2014

(MoneyWatch) If your New Year's resolution was to get promoted, but the likelihood of you getting the nod before you ring in 2014 seems slim, don't give up. There are some things you can do to get a title change and/or raise in the next two months. Here are five Hail-Mary techniques that just may work:

Make sure you have a review

Many companies have an annual review, but if yours doesn't, ask for one. "Review your 2013 goals and responsibilities and be prepared to share specific examples of how you met (or ideally exceeded) expectations," says Colette Ellis, founder of InStep Consulting. Then, discuss your goals for the next year -- which should include responsibilities given to someone at the next level -- and how you'd meet them if given the opportunity.

Talk about why you already deserve the title

For instance, have you recent gotten an advanced degree in your field? "A degree may qualify you for a promotion, especially if a degree (first degree or advanced degree) is a requirement for a higher level position within your organization," says Cheryl Palmer, founder of Call to Career, a career-coaching firm. Or, if you stood in for your manager when he was on leave, focus on that during your review. In other words, hone in on anything that shows you are already performing functions (or are educated) above your title and pay grade.

Ask your mentor to put in a good word

Ideally, you've been developing a relationship with someone close to the people who make the decisions, and can call on that now. "An internal mentor who is well placed within the organization can wield his or her influence in your favor," says Palmer.

Note what's in it for them

Why would your company benefit from promoting you and giving you more responsibility? "For example, you may have some ideas that would significantly contribute to the success of a new initiative, and a promotion would give you the opportunity to implement those ideas," says Palmer.

Remember to ask

It seems simple, but if you wanted to be promoted, you'll probably have to bring it up. Use the tips above, or play a little hardball with an outside offer if you have one. "Discuss how a competitor has offered you a similar job because they recognize how effective you'd be, but that you want to stay with your current employer," says Ronald Kaufman, author of "Anatomy of Success."

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