5 Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Camera Phone

Cameras are so ubiquitous that they're built into everything these days, including pocket calculators and toaster ovens. Unfortunately, the image quality from camera phones can be somewhat lackluster. Fight back by reading Chase Jarvis's tips to improve your iPhone photos.

Sure, his post is iPhone centric, but much of his advice applies to any camera phone. Here are the highlights:

  • Hold the camera still. Camera phone photos are notoriously blurry, in part due to sluggish shutters that take their sweet time getting started, and in part slow exposures that can make a snail appear to have motion blur.
  • Keep your finger on the shutter release. The iPhone (like many phones) takes the picture when you lift your finger, not when you press down. Take that into account.
  • Avoid fast-moving subjects. Remember my comment about the snail? Camera phones crave light and work best when shooting absolutely static images under the blaze of a twin-sun system going supernova. Photos in dark rooms or of moving objects are likely to fail.
After you master your camera phone's idiosyncracies, be sure to read Rick's clever tips on ways to unexpectedly use a camera to make your life easier.

Photo by Marco Gomes