5 Resume Clichés to Avoid at all Costs

In today's cutthroat job market, it's impossible to overestimate the importance of a resume. It's your foot in the door, your first impression, your one and only shot at landing an interview. That's why it's critical that you polish that sucker to perfection.

And that means ridding it of common clichés, the kind that make hiring managers' eyes roll. So, what buzzwords and phrases should you avoid? The CeeVee Blog offers five tips for creating a CV without clichés, including:

Team player â€" Do you believe that others will write on their CV that they are not a team player? Of course not, so what`s the point to write it on your CV? You should instead give a real example: "I worked with my team to reach the target X, and my role was as follows:--"

Results oriented â€" So you should be. But you`d better quantify the results: Did sales grow under your watch? How much? How did you do it? Have you saved your company`s money? How much? Have you reached ambitious targets?

Of course, if you're the one doing the hiring, the presence of these hideously outdated terms could be a small red flag, an indicator that the person behind the resume didn't put in enough effort -- and might do likewise on the job.

While we're on the subject, CeeVee is a pretty cool service that lets you create and share a Web-based resume in minutes. It was recently updated to include Facebook integration, the idea being to leverage your social network to help you land a new gig. There's also a new Jobs section where you can search and apply for work. Definitely worth a look!

While you're at it, be sure to check out Jeff Haden's similarly themed 10 Words That Should Never Appear on Your Website.

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