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5 Resources for Free or Cheap Legal Advice

I love it when I'm watching a movie and one of the characters tells another to "call my lawyer." It's like I'm peering into another, more suave dimension. My lawyer? I can't afford a dry cleaner. I certainly don't have any sort of legal representation on retainer.

That's where the Internet comes in. The next time you need to get a legal question answered, try one of these free or inexpensive Web sites.

MakeUseOf recently rounded up a handful of sites that deliver cheap or even free legal help. Here are the highlights:

LawInfo has access to thousands of forms for all sorts of legal issues. There's an FAQ where you can find answers to over 20,000 legal questions, plus how-tos and legal guides, videos, and more.

FreeAdvice has a large collection of information to comb through, plus forums where you can ask questions and get advice from the active online community. goes one better than forums; in addition to a collection of articles and other resources, the site lets you ask questions directly to attorneys. The service is free and confidential.

LawGuru allows you to ask legal questions which are answered for free or for a fee. Free questions take give days to get answered, and are then published in a public forum, while paid questions remain totally confidential.

The Law is packed with legal discussions, forms, guides, and FAQs. You can submit problems for free online help, or locate an attorney by location or practice area.

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