5 Productivity Tricks For Which I'm Thankful

3030992977_f2e0e070bf_m.jpgGiven today's holiday, I thought it might be appropriate to note my appreciation for some of the tools and strategies that have made my life easier in the last year.

So without further ado -- since I know you have turkey and stuffing to get to -- here's my list of the five productivity tricks for which I'm most thankful.

  1. MozyHome. This easy, uber-affordable online backup service lets me sleep easy at night -- even after suffering a complete hard-drive meltdown.
  2. Outlook rules. Every morning, my incoming mail gets neatly filed (for the most part) by topic or sender, saving me from having to organize it myself or getting distracted by reading interesting but off-topic messages.
  3. Writing things down. My short-term memory stinks, so when I trust it, things fall through the cracks. A list, calendar reminder, or even a Post-It note keeps me on track.
  4. The 2-minute rule. It's the most powerful way I've found to overcome the inevitable pile-up of all those little tasks.
  5. Just doing it. This trick for beating procrastination means tuning out the excuses in my head, planting my rear in my chair and just getting started.
What are your favorite productivity tricks? Share 'em in the comments. And have a happy Thanksgiving!

(image by Hammer51012 via Flickr, CC 2.0)