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5 Amazing iPad Business Apps: Reader-Picks Edition

Back in April, just a day before the iPad hit the streets, I rounded up five kick-ass business apps I thought iPad users would find indispensable.

Since then, many readers have chimed in with their own picks. And some mighty good picks they were, too -- here's a look at five you'll definitely want to consider for your iPad:

exZact Data Collection "The large form factor of the iPad is a great feature for surveys and inspections," says reader Sze Wong, who covets exZact ($4.99) for those and other data-collection activities. The app lets you create business-grade forms, then fill them out and distribute them in real time. Just be prepared for a bit of subscription shock: the required iFormBuilder account starts at $500 per year.

iPrinter Reader Pengcognito says the iPad "makes an awesome printer," so long as you pair it with iPrinter ($1.99). Although Apple finally announced printing capabilities for iOS devices, that's a one-way solution. iPrinter "prints" from your PC or Mac to the iPad, making any printed documents mobile (and paperless).

MobileNoter Reader Perivision says that for anyone who uses OneNote, MobileNoter is "a must-have." MobileNoter syncs with OneNote. That means you can view and edit existing notes and notebooks on your iPad, create new ones, and sync everything over Wi-Fi. The app is free, though MobileNoter's sync service costs $1.25 per month.

SoundNote Formerly known as SoundPaper, this ingenious $4.99 app (pictured above) records meeting audio as you type and draw notes. During playback, just tap a word and the recording jumps to that exact moment in the recording. Sweet! No wonder SoundNote made reader Daniel's list of top 19 iPad apps for business.

Zosh Reader ChanticoSkky77 nominated this $2.99 app, which lets you "get, sign, send documents on the go. Saved my hide a few times. Yes, it's on a cloud, but all encrypted, and I really don't want to 'store' docs on my phone." Although Zosh isn't expressly an iPad app (I wrote about the iPhone version a few months ago), the tablet's roomier screen would undoubtedly make signing documents much easier.

Obviously developers are continuing to crank out some great iPad apps for business users. If you've found any others you consider must-haves, well, we must have them in the comments! Get typing.

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