"48 Hours": Bringing a Nation Together

In the aftermath of the deadly police shootings in Dallas -- what will it take for America to heal?

"Bringing a Nation Together"

As one of the most painful weeks in recent memory comes to an end, the healing is just beginning.

President Barack Obama sounded a note of hope Saturday, saying "America is not as divided as some have suggested."

"48 Hours" takes a look at the three straight days of violence -- and the conversation it has started about easing racial tensions -- and bringing a nation together.

Bringing a Nation Together

In wake of police shootings, Dallas looks ahead: Today, Dallas is trying to move forward -- coping with how, in a city doing so much right, things went terribly wrong.

Dallas shooting investigation reveals gunman's troubled past: Investigators say Micah Johnson was amassing an arsenal at his home outside of Dallas. Dating back to 2014, investigators believe he began building what amounted to an arsenal -- stockpiling guns and gathering the elements to build explosives.

Remembering the officers lost in Dallas: Five brave men vowed to serve and protect -- and they died doing.

When personal tragedies go viral

Healing begins in Baton Rouge after Alton Sterling shooting: In spite of viral video which could have lead to an explosion of anger, the Louisiana city has remained mostly peaceful in the aftermath.

Remembering Philando Castile

Stars use their celebrity to influence change: Powerful people are feeling a responsibility to use their fame as a platform to bring change.

How people of different races can move forward together: Despite the deep divide between law enforcement and communities of color, people of all backgrounds need to be part of the solution.

In Miami neighborhood, police changing policies, perceptions: Departments across the U.S. look for long-term solutions to improving relations with communities of color.

A deadly week spurs a new commitment to unity