4 Ways to Get More Joy Out Of Your Day

Last Updated Mar 31, 2010 11:02 AM EDT

Secrets of a joyful work daySometimes when you're stressed and exhausted at work it's time for a career change. Sometimes, however, you're on the right career track but simply bogged down in petty office politics, bewildered by competing priorities and struggling to see the bigger picture of the whole enterprise. In these situations, instead of reaching for your resume, consider making small changes that can bring back the satisfaction of a job well done.
On blog Box of Crayons recently Henrik Edberg offers some secrets of how to bring more joy to your same old daily routine. They don't take money, huge effort or the cooperation of surly colleagues. All that's required is a positive mindset and a little determination.
  • Do the most difficult thing on your to-do list first. Ten years ago when I used to sell computers a boss told us that if we started the day that way the rest of the day would be a lot easier. He was right. When that task that you feel is difficult is done you'll feel good about yourself and you'll have less inner resistance to get the rest of the tasks of the day done.
  • Start your day by acting social (even if you don't feel like it). This tends to make a normal day a lot more fun and positive than if you if you start out by being closed off and feeling guarded.
  • Be here now. When your focus is split you tend to become stressed and work becomes a burden. If you on the other hand stay in the present moment while working and focus on just what is in front of you then you feel more relaxed. You feel in control. And work simply becomes more enjoyable. One way to stay connected with this focused headspace is to single task instead multitasking... I can also reconnect with the present by focusing on just my breathing for a minute or two. This is also a good exercise to do at the end of the day to relax and to let go of your work as you are about to return home.
  • Ask better questions. You can ask questions that make you feel more like a victim. You can ask questions that reinforce negativity and pessimism in your life. Or you can ask empowering questions. Questions that will help you out. A few of my favorite questions are â€" What is the most important thing that I can do right now? Who cares? Is there anyone on the planet having it worse than me right now? What is the hidden opportunity within this situation?
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