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4 Ways to Easily Remove Hyperlinks from Word Documents

No doubt, at one time or another you've pasted text from a Web page or another document into Word, and found that hyperlinks came with it. I find this incredibly annoying; with rare exception, I don't ever want hyperlinks to be active in my Word documents.

Thankfully, it's pretty easy to eliminate those links.

The other day, the How-To Geek discussed one way to remove hyperlinks from Word, so I thought I'd cover all the common methods in one place. As a result, I've got four methods up my sleeves to ensure that those annoying links are a thing of the past for you:

  • First, be sure that you don't create new links from scratch. Word id configured to automatically create a link when it senses you've typed a Web address. To disable this, click the Office button and choose Word Options. Click Proofing, and then click AutoCorrect Options. Click the AutoFormat As You Type tab, and finally, clear the checkbox that says Internet and network paths with hyperlinks.
  • When you paste new text into Word, you can bypass hyperlinks and other special formatting. Instead of just pasting the text, click the Paste button in the ribbon and choose Paste Special. Then choose Unformatted Text.
  • If you've already got a page full of links, nuke them all at once. Just select all the text in the document (press Ctrl+A) and then press Ctrl+Shift+F9.
  • Finally, you can remove links selectively. If you want to remove a link and leave the text intact, right-click the link and choose Remove Hyperlink from the menu.
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