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4 Things to Buy at Target

This article is part of a package of stories about consumers and Target. Read our other article on what not to buy at Target.

Target has long cultivated an image as a great place to buy "cheap chic" clothes and housewares designed by the likes of Zac Posen, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Michael Graves. Of course the nation's second-largest discount chain also offers the mundane staples of consumer retail — and over the past few years, it has expanded its offerings and now stocks exclusive products in a broad range of categories. Most recently, Target added fresh groceries to the line-up.

While Target will seldom beat Walmart on price alone, its prices are still competitive; and starting this fall, holders of its store credit card will get a 5 percent discount on all purchases. Here are four categories — other than clothes and tea kettles — where it makes particular sense to shop at the store whose fans use a French accent to emphasize their affection for “Tar-zhay.”

1. The Kindle

If you’re tempted to buy the popular e-book reader from Amazon, but want to try it out first and perhaps compare it to Barnes & Noble’s Nook, Target is the place to go: It’s the only national brick-and-mortar retailer to carry it. The brand new Kindle 3, which is smaller and lighter than previous models, will sell for $189 at Target, the same price as at “Look someone up in the store who knows how to work the device, so you can get a feel for it,” suggests James McQuivey, a media technology research analyst at Forrester Research. If you’ve never seen someone use it, it can be a little bit tricky to figure out on your own.


2. Green Cleaning Products

When it comes to the burgeoning category of environmentally friendly cleaning and washing products, Target is tough to beat. Target was the first national retailer to carry the Method line of cleaners, which have built a cult following for their attractive packaging and all-natural ingredients, and it currently stocks more Method products (about 70) than any other big-box store. In addition, if you like niche brands of natural cleaning products such as J.R. Watkins Apothecary, Mrs. Meyer’s, and Seventh Generation, you can get them at Target too — as well as hard-to-find, green versions of mainstream products such as Tide Coldwater Free, which works with high-efficiency washing machines and is made without dyes and perfumes. “They are definitely there first before Walmart on these types of products,” says Sapna Shah, a principal at research firm Retail Eye Partners.

3. Groceries

As part of its effort to bounce back from the recession, Target is rolling out an expanded grocery section, going head to head with Walmart and Kmart, which have already beefed up their fresh-food sections. Target’s new PFresh section, which sells a decent assortment of perishables such as meat, fruit, fresh produce, and baked goods, finally makes it possible to pick up the fixings for a complete meal while you are at Target shopping for other things. “It has about 70 percent of the things you would find in a full grocery store, and prices are going to be 10 to 20 percent less than at a typical grocery,” says Colin McGranahan, an analyst with Bernstein Research.

In addition, kids’ snacks such as granola bars and juices can be significantly cheaper at Target than at other big retailers and drugstores, and you can often save more money by registering on Target’s site to have coupons delivered to your smart phone, according to Stephanie Nelson, founder of

4. Cosmetics

Target’s selection of cosmetics and bath and body products has traditionally lagged behind CVS and Walgreen, says Jim Joseph, president of Lippe Taylor, a brand communications firm in New York City that has worked for clients whose products sell at Target. But recently the retailer has extended its cheap chic strategy to carry more designer cosmetics with quality and selections comparable to more expensive department store brands. Recent offerings in this vein include lines from Napoleon Perdis, Petra Strand, and Jemma Kidd. Target is also a good source for hard-to-find makeup brands, such as the U.K.’s Boots beauty products and Iman Cosmetics, a makeup line for women of color, says Kathryn Finney, founder of The Budget Fashionista.

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