4 Reasons to Give Up On Your Dream Career

Recently, provocative blogger Penelope Trunk stirred up a storm of discussion on BNET by declaring that hunting for a great job will hurt your career. Just take any, old gig, says Trunk, and work from there. In the past I haven't always agreed with her (about not hiring women who smile too much, for example, and terrible career advice for women) but when it comes to getting over your stubborn job perfectionism, I think she makes a good point, particularly for workers just starting out in their careers.

And it's not just Trunk and I who are urging young people not to waste too much time and energy being picky about jobs. Recently blog Careerealism featured a post by career coach Chrissy Scivicque that laid out four reasons for giving up on your dream career and taking advantage of present opportunities.

  • The Path Changes. Many people have told me the path to their dream career looked nothing like what they expected. They took non-traditional roads and explored uncharted territory to get there. It seemed for a while that they were off course. And then, amazingly, they were able to guide their current path in the right direction.
  • The Destination Changes. I've known many people who tell me they woke up one day and realized they were in their dream career, and it was nothing like what they thought it would be. The job they had taken to make ends meet on the way to another destination turned out to be more than just a stop along the road.
  • The World Changes. I couldn't have envisioned my career ten years ago. Even five years ago, the technology I use on a daily basis was only just being developed. The world is constantly changing and growing and, with it, new careers are emerging. In the future, technology we can't begin to understand will become a part of the mainstream and it will shift our society in ways we can't predict. Our limits are ever-expanding, and our career possibilities are growing each and every day.... What will be available in another five years? How will it impact our business world? How will it change your idea of a dream career? No one knows.
  • YOU Change. You're not the same person you were yesterday. Our dreams are fluid. What once might have seemed like a dream career may no longer suit you. Be willing to let your dreams change and not feel guilty or that you've failed. Sometimes, you have to let go of old dreams to let the new ones in. That's not "giving up." It's growing up.
Do you think Scivicque makes a persuasive case for being flexible about where you're headed, and kind to yourself when considering changing your ambitions?
(Photo courtesy of Flickr user zu.browka, CC 2.0)