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3D Netflix May Be the Last Hope for the Lagging Nintendo 3DS

Netflix launched on yet another platform today, the Nintendo (NTYDO) 3DS. Both companies have been getting hammered lately: Netflix for its 60 percent price hike and Nintendo for a 60 percent drop in revenue. However, the lackluster 3DS now has what no other platform can offer: Netflix 3D movies. Nintendo hopefully got an exclusivity clause in the deal, as it may be the biggest hope for selling its handheld game device.

Nintendo told Kotaku that the 3DS will get a select number of 3D movies shortly after today's launch. It's unclear how many movies or what movies will be available.

Mario in trouble
What is clear is that Nintendo needs as much help as it can get selling systems. The gaming giant had its lowest Wii sales ever and the 3DS portable, released this past March, is already lagging behind Sony's (SNE) old PSP portable system.

The 3DS is going to have to keep Nintendo afloat until the Wii U arrives in late 2012. The Wii follow-up received mixed reviews when it was previewed last month.

In short, the little 3DS portable is going to have to be Nintendo's saving grace.

3D sucks, but still sells
This summer's 3D movies are getting royally panned, but there are many reasons to believe that 3D films could be a serious selling point for the 3DS:

The 3DS games are getting mediocre reviews. Nintendo should take this opportunity to rebrand the struggling 3DS as not just a game machine, but an entertainment device. Embracing 3D movies makes sense -- the 3DS needs all the help it can get.

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