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3 Ways to Reduce Desktop Cable Clutter

Cables: evil. Cables strewn across your desk: super-evil! But that's the world we live in, what with all the devices we use and all the syncing and charging they do.

If you've had enough of the cord clutter, consider one of these three solutions for tidying things up:

1. Binder clips You know those black-plastic binder clips used to clamp together big stacks of paper? Turns out they have another use: cord management. As described over at Digital Inspiration, the wire "arms" of the clips are great for holding connectors, and the clips themselves can attach to the edge of nearly any desk. This photo says it all:

2. Idapt i3 Your phone, Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, and other gizmos all have their own charging cables -- and connectors. The Idapt i3 is a charging station for up to three devices. It comes with six interchangeable connector tips for use with the most common gear (Mini USB, Micro USB, iPhone/iPod, etc.), and you can order device-specific tips for just about anything else. Or, you can order it with four tips of your choice, which I think is the smarter way to go. In either case, the Idapt i3 will cost you $59.99.

3. Super-cable If you like the idea behind the Idapt but don't want to spend $60, there's a much cheaper solution that accomplishes more or less the same thing: charging multiple devices simultaneously while keeping cord clutter to a minimum. It's the so-called super cable, which joins together all your charge/sync cords into a single, tightly sleeved cord. Over at Anything But iPod, you'll find all the instructions you need for making a super cable, which should cost you no more than about $7. Here's an example of the finished product:

What do you think? Which option do you like best? Or do you have a different method for keeping cord clutter at bay? If so, tell us about it in the comments!

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