3 Ways to Add More Awesomeness to Your Day

Sometimes, when your job is terrible, your boss is crazy or your co-workers display the emotional maturity of 12-year-olds, it's time to think about making a significant career change. But sometimes none of these things are true and you're simply bored and burnt out. There's nothing really wrong with your job, but nonetheless it's decidedly lacking in awesomeness. What do you do?

Blogger Tim Tyrell-Smith knows something about turning lemons into lemonade. He used being laid off as the occasion to take a deep breath and really consider the course of his life. Now he shares his optimistic perspective via regular posts, including a recent one that aims to help those that don't need a major life revamp, but simply an injection of happiness and accomplishment into their daily routines. Tyrell-Smith offers three tricks to up your daily awesomeness quotient:

  • Expose A Great (But Less Known) Person To A Lot Of New People. This is a way to use your influence (and we all have some influence) to help out someone younger or less exposed. It feels great to receive this kind of a gift. The CEO who hears about a client service person going out of their way to help a customer. And highlighting that person in front of the entire company. The social media superstar with billions of followers who re-tweets a great post by a little known writer. The restaurant customer who so appreciates a server or chef that they tip big and go online to tell the world of their amazing experience.
  • Take Action On Your Ideas And Pay Attention To Your Inner Voice. I spoke today to a person I met at a recent presentation. She was calling to get a few leads for her target companies. But our call ended up focusing on her real passion. A former dietitian, she... has a specific plan to use her joy of cooking to build a business. And I told her my story of taking action on my ideas. That I never truly knew what to do until I took action. And paid attention to how it felt to do so. What's awesome is the real you. Instead of the one that followed the pack out of college. The world needs more people doing what they are meant to do. You'll be happier at work as a result.
  • When You Are Somewhere, Be There 100 percent. You can't be awesome if you are not giving yourself fully. Now I will tell you that I am still "becoming" in this one. It is hard to focus when your head won't stop swimming with ideas. But the people who I find awesome? They capture my attention by giving me theirs. Real eye contact, super active listening, a good smile and an obvious interest in my answers to their questions.
If your appetite is whetted for more daily awesomeness, blog Dumb Little Man also has tips, offering three ideas to help you make the most of your everyday. Do you have any tips to help turn average days into awesome ones?

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user moonlightbulb, CC 2.0)