3 Ways Dropbox Can Improve Your Productivity

Last Updated Aug 6, 2009 3:09 PM EDT

Good news for users of Dropbox, the uber-popular file syncing, sharing, and backup service: Now you can use it for more than just syncing, sharing, and backup.

Specifically, Web Worker Daily offers three ways you can maximize Dropbox as a productivity tool. Here's one of them:

Password Synchronization: With the sheer volume of user accounts I manage, a good password management system is critical. I've come to rely on RoboForm for this purpose, and Dropbox makes it dead simple to keep all of my account information and passwords in sync. Just move your RoboForm profile to a Dropbox folder, point all your computers to it and voila -- easily log in to any of your sites from any of your computers, and never forget a password again.
Personally, I'm perfectly satisfied with Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) for password synchronization, but to each their own. The author's tips on simple network sharing and client-oriented file distribution are aces.

Have you found a way to go "beyond the Dropbox," so to speak? If so, share it in the comments! In the meantime, try not to confuse Dropbox with Drop.io or, worse, Dropboks.

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