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3 Steps To Lift Your Credit Score

This post by Jill Schlesinger originally appeared on CBS'

Your erstwhile Editor-at-Large continues to confront unsuspecting people on the streets of NYC to dole out financial advice. In the episode, I tackle the thorny issue of credit scores.

Here are some more ways to take control of your credit score.

  • Delay gratification: Just say no to putting more charges on your card
  • Don't max out: Credit scores take into account just how much credit you have available, so it's important not to max out your credit card balances; make an effort to keep balances low.
  • Pay bills on time: This is the key-enough said!
  • Just Say NO to new cards: New open credit may decrease your credit score. Also, every credit inquiry from a finance company decreases your score by points.
  • Check your credit report: If you see an error, dispute it! Don't forget that you're entitled to one free report a year at


Jill Schlesinger is the Editor-at-Large for CBS Prior to the launch of MoneyWatch, she was the Chief Investment Officer for an independent investment advisory firm. In her infancy, she was an options trader on the Commodities Exchange of New York.