3 Pro Tips for Searching for E-mail in Outlook

Last Updated Nov 14, 2010 10:40 PM EST

Suppose someone from another team sent you a cheat sheet on how to use the trip report template, but you have 500 e-mails in your inbox. How to find this particular needle? Microsoft's Outlook 2010 blog has some advice to help you find mail when you need it.

In particular, the Microsoft Outlook 2010 blog has three handy tips for using search this week:

1. Use Instant Search. That's the search box at the top of your inbox. Just enter some text and it automatically filters the current folder (such as the inbox) to just the e-mails that contain those words.

2. Refine your search with the Ribbon. Even if you use Instant Search all the time, I bet you've rarely, if ever, tried this. When you use Instant Search, the ribbon displays the Search ribbon. Now you can fine-tune the search by further filtering on words in the subject, for example, the time period the mail was sent, whether it has attachments, and more. It's a powerful way to zero in on your message from a sea of possibilities.

3. Save a Search Folder. If you find that you run the same sort of search over and over again, save it as a "search folder" so you can re-run it anytime you like with a single click. To do that, right-click Search Folders in the Navigation Pane and choose New Search Folder. Design your qery and save it; now it'll always be one click away.

Here are some other Outlook tips:

Photo courtesy Flickr user Punxsutawneyphil