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3 mistakes to avoid after a job interview

(MoneyWatch) You've done the job interview -- now what? Perhaps you've lost interest in the position, perhaps you're undecided. Or maybe it is your dream job.

Whatever you feel about the experience, remember that the process isn't finished yet. And even if you don't want the job, you do want your reputation to be intact or, preferably, enhanced by the whole experience. So don't blow it now. Here's what to do:

1. Don't waste people's time if you lose interest in the job after (or because of) the interview. Send a polite email saying that your priorities have changed or that, on reflection, you've decided against changing jobs at that time.

2.  Don't nag for results. If two or three weeks have passed and you've heard nothing, a quick email asking for an update is fine.

3. Don't take rejection personally. Finding the right candidate is only partly about the candidate; the rest is about fit and company culture, and those things are beyond your control.

Whatever happens, remember that practice is always valuable when it comes to interviewing. You know more now than you did when you started.

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