3 lovers, 2 tv's, 1 arrest


(CBS) - Television gets blamed for inflicting all kinds of harm on people, but time it's a little different.

A Florida man allegedly dropped a television set on his wife, and threw a second tv at her, after a sexual threesome involving him, the wife and another woman, went awry.


MSNBC reports that 22-year-old Jorge Silva of Naples, Fla. was jailed Sunday after he "freaked out" (his wife's words) when she and the other woman started kissing in this menage-a-trois. Silva allegedly punched his wife and started to "swing the TV at her like a bat." (Presumably a flat-screen) Then Silva purportedly attacked her further with both tv sets.

Police said Silva's wife and the other woman locked themselves in a bedroom, but Silva broke through the door and continued to attack her.

When police arrived at the scene they reportedly found Silva's wife covered in blood, her face swollen with a possible broken nose.

Silva, the hubby, told authorities he was jealous when the two women began kissing and wouldn't let him in on it.  Furthermore, he claimed his wife had attacked him after she kissed the other woman.

The report said all three people involved in this "lover's quarrel" appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

Silva was arrested and jailed on Sunday but released Monday on $7,500 bond.