25 most expensive public universities

(MoneyWatch) The epicenter of the nation's most expensive public universities is in Pennsylvania. 

Seven Pennsylvania universities, which have experienced significant drops in state funding, are on the latest federal list of public universities with the highest net price tuition. Net price is what a student pays after average scholarships and grants are deducted. Ohio came in second on this hall-of-shame lineup, with four of the most expensive institutions, including Ohio State.

The lists were compiled using newly released federal data that highlights the nation's most expensive public and private colleges and universities. The U.S. Department of Education this week also listed colleges and universities with the highest and lowest tuition and those that recorded the biggest price hikes.

25 most expensive colleges and universities

Here are the top 10 priciest public universities:

Rest of the top 25 most expensive public colleges and universities

Largest price hikes

The DOE also highlighted schools with the greatest tuition increases. Many universities in California and Arizona made the list. The nation's average public university raised tuition by 15 percent last year, but that pales in comparison to schools such as UCLA and the University of California, Berkeley, where tuition jumped 43 percent.

The escalating prices at state universities is particularly worrisome because that is where most Americans earn their bachelor's degrees.

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