24 Reasons Selling is Better Than Sex

I've posted some of this list before, but Sales Machine readers have since sent me more suggestions, and I've thought of a few new ones as well. Enjoy!
  • #1: You find new partners daily and not feel sleazy.
  • #2: Being "friends with benefits" is par for the course.
  • #3: You can enjoy selling to customers of all shapes and sizes.
  • #4: You get paid commensurate with the quality of your performance.
  • #5: You never need a little blue pill in order to start selling.
  • #6: You can still find customers even if you're old or ugly.
  • #7: The more you sell, the easier it becomes to sell even more.
  • #8: If you're successful, you don't end up paying child support.
  • #9: You can post your wins on a website and not get a letter from a lawyer.
  • #10: Existing customers don't get jealous when you close a new prospect.
  • #11: As a role model, Zig Ziglar isn't creepy like Hugh Hefner.
  • #12: You're far less likely to catch a social disease.
  • #13: Nobody complains if you close the deal in under a minute.
  • #14: There are few, if any, religious taboos against selling.
  • #15: You can take a multitude of sales positions and never pull a muscle.
  • #16: You don't end up all sweaty after you close the deal.
  • #17: Selling is as good over the phone as in person. Maybe better.
  • #18: After you sell, you never have to stay the night.
  • #19: At the end of the act, both participants are usually happy.
  • #20: Nobody gets jealous when you ask for a referral.
  • #21: Nobody complains that your portfolio is too small.
  • #22: Make a big score and your CEO might tout it at the company meeting.
  • #23: If you're good enough, you can sell a hundred times a day.
  • #24: You don't get fired for reading Sales Machine at work.
READERS: I think I've pretty much hit everything. Any other reasons come to mind?