21 Crazy Business Ideas That Just Might Work

Apple iPodTimes are hard. Customers are few and far between. Jobs are scarce. Credit is tight. Expenses are high. Raises ... forget it. For those of you looking for an idea or two, this is my way of helping out.

Whether you're a consultant, doctor, CEO, wine maker, manager, politician, or restaurant owner, there's pretty much something in here for everyone.

What? If the ideas are so good, why don't I do them?

Good question.

First, I never said they were good. If any of them are, nobody will be more surprised than me. Second, most of them aren't really up my alley. Third, I'm not an entrepreneur. I help others with their ideas; I don't do my own. I figured that out a long time ago. If you want to run with one of these and need some advice, let me know and I'll help you out.

In any case, I do believe the time has come for these --

21 Crazy Business Ideas That Just Might Work

  1. Restaurants that leave their crappy dishes off the menu
  2. A few more high-tech marketers that have a clue
  3. Government regulators that aren't in bed with industries they regulate
  4. Healthy fast food
  5. A glass cleaner that really doesn't leave any streaks
  6. PC software that isn't broken when you buy it
  7. Boards that govern CEOs instead of the other way around
  8. Gum that doesn't lose its flavor in one minute
  9. A consultant to help individuals with their budgets and finances
  10. A vodka that admits to having no flavor
  11. A dishwasher that really doesn't need prewashing (I mean really)
  12. Cigarettes with no harmful effects (let's face it, smoking is fun)
  13. Underwear that's comfortable and supportive
  14. A real Star Trek phaser or Star Wars blaster
  15. An integrated smart home system that really works and doesn't cost a fortune
  16. Doctors that care and make house call
  17. Models with normal proportions, size, and weight
  18. A blender that doesn't leak
  19. 500ml bottles of wine (so you can share a bottle and still drive home)
  20. Contractors who actually show up when they say they will
  21. Bipartisan, fiscally conservative government
That's my list; now it's your turn. Go ahead, cough up some ideas to help your fellow readers. Who knows; you might help somebody make some money or even come up with an idea for yourself!

Image CC 2.0 via Flickr from 1Happysnapper (Photography)