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2020 Daily Trail Markers: The next debate lineup is now set


CNN has announced who will be participating in which night of the Democratic presidential debate the network is hosting in Detroit on July 30 and 31. The lineup was revealed during a drawing of names Thursday night. 

The announcement comes one day after the Democratic National Committee announced the 20 presidential candidates who qualified the second debate. Here's what it looks like.



Kamala Harris' campaign announced a five-day bus tour across Iowa from Sioux City to Davenport August 8-12. It will include stops at the Iowa State Fair and the Wing Ding in Clear Lake on August 9. 

Her campaign says it has seen momentum in Iowa and is using the tour to capitalize and build on that. The tour will also kick off the next phase of the campaign, with longer swings and more stops after the second debate in Detroit later this month. 

"Over the last several months, the momentum around Kamala has grown exponentially, and we are super excited about folks coming on board to join our team, to be volunteers, and to be Kamala Captains," Kamala Harris Iowa campaign chair Deidre DeJear said in a statement to CBS News campaign reporter Adam Brewster. "This five-day bus tour stint is going to be a phenomenal opportunity for her to meet even more Iowans, both in rural and urban parts of the state."

Meanwhile CBS News campaign reporter Stephanie Ramirez writes today that Sen. Kamala Harris is laughing off critics who say that she's struggled to articulate a clear health care policy. When asked about the confusion surrounding her stance on the issue in an interview with CNN on Wednesday, the 2020 presidential candidate chuckled, saying, "There's a lot that you're building into this question that's not accurate."

But despite that assertion, Harris has had to clarify her stance on "Medicare for All" several times since the start of the year. Stephanie has a rundown of what Harris has said about her support for expanding government-run healthcare and how she would pay for it. 


Amy Klobuchar announced a whopping nine New Hampshire state endorsements today. CBS News campaign reporter Nicole Sganga says new Granite State backers include executive councilor Debora Pignatelli (Nashua), Former Ambassador Jim Smith (Salem), Former New Hampshire Attorney General Joe Foster (Nashua), Fmr. Representative Ricia McMahon (Sutton), Fmr. chief of staff to Governor Jeanne Shaheen and Governor John Lynch Rich Siegel, community leader Helen Honorow, Attorney Michael Atkins, community advocate Jim Callahan and business executive Tom Silvia. 

"We are honored to welcome this group of esteemed individuals to Senator Klobuchar's team," Scott Merrick, New Hampshire state director, said in a statement. "They are all proven leaders in both their professional lines of work, and communities in which they reside, and we are grateful for their support of our growing campaign.



Today, a group of 10 Iowa organizations sent a joint letter to the state's congressional delegation urging it to ensure continued funding for two healthcare programs: the Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) program and Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers (FQHCs) by supporting the CHIME Act, reports CBS News campaign reporter Musadiq Bidar. The Medicaid DSH program provides support to Iowa hospitals that serve a high number of Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients, while FQHCs are community clinics that serve patients even if they don't have the ability to pay. 

The letter asks Congress to delay scheduled cuts to the DSH program, adding up to more than $6.5 million in cuts to Iowa hospitals. The group also asks for extended funding for FQHCs. Among the signatories to the letter is Progress Iowa, which held its Corn Feed event last weekend, where 10 presidential candidates gave remarks.

The Des Moines Register also released the schedule for its Political Soap Box at the Iowa State Fair, according to CBS News campaign reporter Adam Brewster. Candidates will each get 20 minutes to make their case to Iowans at the annual summer event while people fill up on pork chops, corn, and fried foods of all varieties. Joe Biden and Steve Bullock kick things off on August 8, the first day of the fair. 



CBS News campaign reporter Jack Turman notes that eleven Democratic presidential candidates submitted their favorite movies to E! News. Harris said her favorite movie is My Cousin Vinny, and Julian Castro revealed his favorite is The Breakfast Club. Pete Buttigieg listed a few movies, including The GodfatherArrival and Dr. Strangelove. Seth Moulton and Cory Booker said they favor Star Wars. And Wayne Messam said his favorite movie is Black Panther. Steve Bullock likes Fletch, Marianne Williamson is fond of The Mission; Bill de Blasio's favorite is Seven Days in May; Jay Inslee's is The Wizard of Oz; Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet likes Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.


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