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2 Equifax execs exit after massive data breach

Equifax investigation
FTC investigating Equifax breach 02:39

NEW YORK - Equifax (EFX) says its chief information officer and chief security officer are leaving the company, following the enormous breach of 143 million Americans' personal information.

The credit data company said Friday that Susan Mauldin, who had been the top security officer, and David Webb, the chief technology officer, are retiring from Equifax immediately. Mauldin, a college music major, had come under media scrutiny for her qualifications in security. Equifax did not say in its statement what retirement packages the executives would receive.

Equifax did not say in its statement what retirement packages the executives would receive.

Mauldin is being replaced by Russ Ayers, an information technology executive inside Equifax. Webb is being replaced by Mark Rohrwasser, who most recently was in charge of Equifax's international technology operations.  

Equifax said on Sept. 7 that hackers gained access to personal information belonging to 143 million U.S. consumers after exploiting a vulnerability on the company's website. The theft included people's names, Social Security numbers, birth dates and other data. 

How Equifax opened the door to hackers 02:06

The company also presented Friday a litany of security efforts it made after noticing suspicious network traffic on July 29. It said it believes the access occurred from May 13 through July 30.

A number of federal agencies are looking into the data breach, including the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Lawmakers in Congress and state prosecutors are also pressing Equifax for information related to the cyberattack.

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