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15 Best and Worst Jobs of 2010

Who enjoys the best job in America?Best and Worst Jobs ofo 2010
Actuaries do.

That's right. Actuaries can lay claim to the title of the No. 1 best job of 2010.

At least that's the opinion of, a popular job search portal, which has released its annual list of the best and worst jobs. Out of 200 careers, roustabouts snagged the dishonors of having the worst job in America.

I can understand why people wouldn't want to be a roustabout. It's grimy and dangerous and who wants to be working on an oil drill when a hurricane is hurtling towards land? But why do actuaries enjoy a primo job?

Here's the answer: in its annual ranking of the best and worst jobs, CareerCast doesn't focus exclusively on paychecks and it doesn't give a hoot about prestige. In determining the best careers, looks at five factors:

  • Income
  • Hiring outlook
  • Stress
  • Working environment
  • Physical demands
As you'll see from the list, the best jobs aren't the flashiest or the highest paid, but in the words of the career evaluators, they rank high because they offer people the best chance for "good health, low stress, a pleasant workplace and strong growth potential.

15 Best Jobs for 2010

  1. Actuary
  2. Software engineer
  3. Computer systems analyst
  4. Biologist
  5. Historian
  6. Mathematician
  7. Paralegal assistant
  8. Statistician
  9. Accountant
  10. Dental hygienist
  11. Philosopher
  12. Meteorologist
  13. Technical writer
  14. Bank officer
  15. Web developer

15 Worst Jobs for 2010

  1. Roustabout
  2. Lumberjack
  3. Ironworker
  4. Dairy farmer
  5. Welder
  6. Garbage collector
  7. Taxi driver
  8. Construction worker
  9. Meter reader
  10. Mail carrier
  11. Butcher
  12. Photojournalist
  13. Firefighter
  14. Sheet Metal Worker
  15. Emergency Medical Technician

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Lynn O'Shaughnessy is the author of The College Solution and she also writes a college blog for TheCollegeSolutionBlog.

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