14 Key Sales Questions. Memorize Them!

Here are 14 questions to ask early in the sales cycle, according to sales guru Keith Rosen. Why? Because the answers reveal if the prospect is qualified to buy (now or ever) and, if so, how you can facilitate that buying decision.
  1. How does your company purchase products of this type?
  2. How does your company make the decision to buy?
  3. What are the organizational relationships that influence the decision?
  4. Who are the people typically involved in this decision making process?
  5. What ego or ownership issues come up that need to be managed and respected?
  6. If you don't buy at this time, what remedial actions do you plan to take?
  7. How will your current vendors react to the possibility you'll buy from us?
  8. What are the concerns or roadblocks that could get in the way of us working together?
  9. What are the timely and relevant issues that are going on internally?
  10. What is the overall mood of the company and its leaders?
  11. Who else in your company should I be presenting to and following up with?
  12. What challenges does your current solution not address as effectively as you would like?
  13. What internal resources can you leverage to try and resolve this issue on your own?
  14. What will it cost you and your company if you keep things the way they are today?
READERS: Are there any more that ought to be on the list?