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12 Strangest Sleep Disorders: Just Reading About Them Could Keep You Up at Night

REM-sleep behavior disorder causes people to act out their dreams. (saikofish/Flickr) saikofish/Flickr

(CBS) Exploding head syndrome sounds like something ripped from the pages of a science fiction novel.

If only.

In fact, it's just one of many all-too-real sleep disorders that doctors have identified - and it's no walk in the park.

PICTURES: 12 Bizarre Sleep Disorders

People who suffer from the disorder imagine hearing a loud explosion as they nod off to sleep - as if a bomb has gone off inside the head.

And that's not the only real-life nightmare experienced by people who suffer from there bizarre disorders.

Imagine acting out your dreams - shouting, cursing, kicking, and punching while asleep. That can be a nightly occurrence for people with REM-sleep behavior disorder.

Or how about being absolutely unable to get restful sleep - ever. It can be fatal - and it's caused by a little-known disorder known as fatal familial insomnia.

And there are many more.

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Just don't blame us if it keeps you awake at night.

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