10 Terms Born in the Recession

Last Updated Mar 9, 2010 10:12 PM EST

The recent recession was so distinct and devastating, it even spawned its own lingo. The Christian Science Monitor has a neat summation of 10 new words that emerged from the last 18 months of crisis:
  1. Insource -- doing work you used to pay others to do (like cleaning your flat).
  2. Staycation -- holidaying at home because you can't afford to buy the family a trip abroad.
  3. Recessionista -- avid consumer who might in the past have been known as a 'fashionista' but who now shops at Primark or buys "vintage". Also known as 'frugalista'.
  4. Decruited -- to be fired before you start work. (Also known as 'pre-fired or uninstalled).
  5. Povo -- an Aussie saying to make light of your poverty. CS offers the following usage guide : "We're living sans internet now that my povo roommate won't chip anymore. It's like the 1980s round here."
  6. Mancession -- because the downturn hit men much harder than women.
  7. Madoff'd -- to get Ponzi'd or to get royally ripped off.
  8. Funemployed -- to be happily out of work.
  9. Intaxication -- haven't heard this one before, but it's the joy of receiving a tax refund.
  10. Permatemp -- the title for anyone who is permanently in temporary work (more likely because of circumstance than by design, when you call yourself a 'freelance').
The Big Picture adds "Recession Porn" -- a fixation on gloomy charts and sites full of depressing stats.

In the UK, credit crunch became shorthand for the financial meltdown and economic mayhem that ensued. And, while it's not slang, we're now as familiar with "quantitative easing" as we became with metatarsal once Beckham injured his (second.) We may never bail out water with the same enthusiasm again. But what other words has the recession spawned?