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10 Secret Keyboard Shortcuts for Word Users

Round these parts, we love us some keyboard shortcuts. Just last week, Dave trotted out a fairly killer shortcut for moving entire paragraphs in Microsoft Word.

Of course, I'm 10 times better than Dave, as evidenced by these 10 little-known Word keyboard shortcuts. And they're presented in convenient video form:

If you'd rather not slog through the four-minute video just to get to the good stuff, here's the list in handy chart form -- courtesy of TechRepublic's Susan Harkins.

Keystroke Function
Ctrl + Shift + D Double underline the selected text
Ctrl + ] Increase the size of selected text by 1 point
Ctrl + [ Decrease the size of selected text by 1 point
Ctrl + Shift + A Make selected text all caps
Ctrl + = Toggle subscripting for selected text
Ctrl + + Toggle superscripting for selected text
Ctrl + Shift + Q Apply Symbol font to selected text
Ctrl + Shift + N Apply Normal style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + 1 Apply Heading 1 style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Apply Heading 2 style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Apply Heading 3 style to current paragraph
Ctrl + Shift + L Apply List Bullet style
Ctrl + 0 (zero) Apply or remove space above current paragraph
One more that didn't make the list: After selecting a chunk of text, tapping Ctrl-Shift-F9 removes all hyperlinks from that text -- great for stuff you've pasted in from, say, a Web page.

Got a Word shortcut to share? You know where: the comments!

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