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10 iPhone Business Apps for Getting Things Done

I love my iPhone because it's more than just a neat gadget: It's also one of my top productivity tools. It frees me up to be mobile anywhere but still connected to my work, my family, and all the information I need to get things done, even when I'm not in my office.

PC World points out that no matter what your business need, yes, there's an app for that. It's rounded up 10 fantastic business apps for the iPhone that will help you grab data from your company's computer systems, manage a Web site, view, edit, or store Word and Excel files, and so much more.

Four that I love:

Encamp, which brings quick and flexible Basecamp (the popular project-management and collaboration tool) capabilities to your iPhone. I work in Basecamp a lot, and it's great to find an app to make mobile usage easier.

FlightTrackPro, for keeping track of delayed flights, botched reservations, and annoying last-minute gate changes. You can also check for flight cancellations and search alternative schedules.

LinkedIn. You've got your Facebook and Twitter mobile apps; now it's time to get serious by putting LinkedIn on your phone. Think about how easy networking could now be: trading business cards is replaced by adding each other to LinkedIn on the spot. Sweet.

ClockIn. This app is great for freelancers and consultants, like me. PC World calls it "a simple and efficient program that allows you to monitor the time you spend on a project and among multiple clients." I call it a godsend.

To check out the rest, read the full article. Know of any other great apps? Recommend them in the comments section.